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Honoring our Friend

On Friday, 26 March 2021 Joshua Valentine, our friend who served on the Aaron Redd Award Committee was killed in a motorcycle accident. Josh was an avid outdoorsman and wilderness adventure guide and started his own company, Embrace the Animal. Josh was 37 years old.

Josh was asked to serve on the committee for many reasons, but mostly due to his passion for building a legacy for his best friend, Ford Shaw. Ford was a captain in the USMC and killed in the “Raider 7” training helicopter crash. Josh made the journey with an American flag and this beautiful tribute video in Ford’s honor. Now, Josh’s beautifully eloquent words about Ford, resonate around his own passing. Please take a moment to watch his video; you will get to know Josh and his character instantly.

The members of the Board are heartbroken for his family and friends. He graced us with his passion, compassion, and dedication to the architecture of meaningful legacies. Join us as we honor Josh as he honored others.

Picture courtesy of Embrace the Animal

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