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about Aaron

Aaron had a dream to be a Coast Guardsman. He wanted to save lives and be part of something bigger than himself. On 28 June, 2016, he began that dream when he and his fellow Recruits set foot on the grounds of the Cape May Training Center in New Jersey. He was ready to serve his Country.

Only a few days later, due to complications from the Sickle Cell Trait, he collapsed on the training course. On 6 July with his family and new Coast Guard family by his bedside, Aaron passed away. By donating his heart, Aaron was able to fulfill his purpose as a Coastie and save a life. Aaron is the first Recruit to ever save a life.

Aaron was larger than life. He was witty, fun loving, and smart; and we will miss him every moment of every day. His family and friends have experienced first-hand, the love and support of the Coast Guard family. From the moment Aaron was admitted to the hospital, until his final day on Earth, the Coast Guard stood guard over him.

On 19 August, posthumously, Aaron became an honorary graduate of Delta Company 193 and is forever a U.S. Coast Guardsman. Today, he has an Eagle’s-eye view and stands guard over all those he loved.

The Aaron Redd Foundation was established on 19 January 2018, on what would have been Aaron’s 23rd birthday. 

When you can take a parent’s worst nightmare and wake up to find a purpose greater than you ever imagined – When you see your child’s family and friends keep him near – keep him relevant and a part of new memories, you learn a different truth about life – You learn that life is meant to be lived with Joy and Purpose.  We encourage you to find that joy and purpose within yourself – Share it with others and join us to make a difference.

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