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Big Heart for Local Charity

In 2018, when we were asked by Coast Guard leadership to represent the families of those who's loved ones lost their lives while serving on a mission, at the Ground Breaking ceremony of the Enlisted Memorial in Cape May, I remember L3 Technologies, now L3Harris, standing with us shoulder-to-shoulder as we bowed our heads in remembrance. Our son's name is etched on the granite at the Memorial, along with his Shipmates; and L3Harris has been with us on our journey since the beginning.

In a big world, we are grateful for the even bigger hearts of those who support small, local charities. Thank you L3Harris, it is your culture, values, and employees that continually make a great name for your organization. You are indeed an asset as an 'agile global aerospace and defense technology innovator' as well as a company making a big impact on the not so global Aaron Redd Foundation. We are grateful.

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